In Love, All Over S.F.

Gianna and Garrett wanted an engagement session that showed what they are about – fun! And there had to be some romance, too.

So we planned a day that started out at the  Neiman Marcas rotunda for some glamor and a champagne cocktail. We got there before the store opened and had the place virtually to ourselves. Nice!

Then we took a stroll over to Union Square, and Gianna and Garrett ducked into a changing room and emerged in tennis outfits. There they were, right in the middle of the city, having a tennis match! We don’t know who won, but we do know the score was love-all before and after the match.

Then it was on to Ghirardelli Square  for cupcakes, snuggling, and a little more Champagne.

What a great city to explore, and what a great couple to take best advantage of it.

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