If it were YOUR wedding, would you go for photography as unique as this?

Bill McCullough is an iconoclastic photographer who has a very individualistic approach to wedding photography.

From Rangefinder magazine:

“You won’t see fashion portraits of a retouched bride and groom in his portfolio, nor will you see the photojournalistic style that has trended in wedding photography for the last several years. Instead, his work leans towards the improvisational approach of street photography, seeking to cut through the conventional wedding narrative to find the surprising, unexpected moments within.”

From Spot magazine:
“McCullough has an instinct for the quirky side of social life. His images show the ‘other’ side of the wedding performance—terrified grooms, unsupervised children, bored guests, bridal fury—layered within the elaborately decorated ‘set’ of a church or reception hall. Weddings are the social drama in which most people play a starring role in at least once, and some times more, during their lives. We all know the shared script and have rehearsed our parts in this strange ritual. In McCullough’s images we can recognize ourselves in many of the roles and laugh at the bizarre drama of our social theatre.”

The entire story about him in Rangefinder is here:

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